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Last of our End Year Rooftop Meetup - Votiro/Westin

How Votiro can Protect Your Organization using Advanced Threat Extraction

In the face of the ongoing increase of cyberattacks, organizations must secure their day-to-day operations. Instead of scanning for suspicious elements and blocking some malicious files, Votiro Cloud, backed by Positive Selection® technology, rebuilds every document, copying only the known-good, positively selected content and ensuring only the safe template elements remain. Votiro Cloud’s capability as a file sanitizer and threat extractor means all external documents are sanitized before they penetrate the internal environment, preventing threats in files such as malware and the ransomware it causes.

Join ICION community on the coming Friday 18th of November as we gather on the rooftop of Westin #HenshinResto with the two phrase Agenda as below

4pm : Round Table Discuss on how CDR technology can help you to save time and resources instead of detection technologies to add a extra layer of defensive

6pm : Time to chill out and enjoy the evening, friends/buddies and community comes in for the last hallo and bonding as we move into the last 60 days of Year 2022

Henshin, best view in town #Westin Jakarta

Rsvp via our team of friendly PICs Olivia/Fina/Audi

Follow us on our coming massive 10th BAli CXO Conference series marked for 1st to 3rd of March at

Need more info on #ICION and our broader #XCION as we move into the region ping us at +62 818102085 WhatsAPP active

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