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Hall, Morning Agenda, 06th April 2022

All Time slots are in GMT plus 7, Imdonesian Time
Join Us as a "star" list of speakers, panelists and community leaders lead the discussions on Day One of our major conference

Dr Pratama Persadha, CISSReC

9.30 am to 10.00 am
All Time are in GMT plus 7


Karl Mattson, CISO, Noname Security

10.00 am to 10.45 am

The Perfect Storm - API Security, Defending Against the Top Threats of 2022

Ali Hakim, RSM ASEAN, Akamai

10.45am to 11.30am

Security at the Edge

John Cunningham, VP&GM APAC,

11.30am to 12.15pm

Modern Data Protection and Privacy Regulations and the convergence of Data Security, Governance and Privacy

End of Morning Session, need more information contact to Audi at +6287883422242
All Time slots in the Agenda are in GMT plus 7


HALL, Afternoon Agenda, 6th April 2022

All Time Slots are in GMT plus 7
Join Us as our list of key speakers, panelists and moderator continue into the afternoon session

Nicholas Ng, Co Founder MCION

13.30 pm to 14.00pm

Keynote 2 : ASEAN Cyber Threat Landscape, Fire-side Chat
Nicholas Ng, Co Founder MCION CISSP (Host), Assoc Prof Dato Jazri, CISSP ESPC2GO (TBC) and Anthony Lim Director CSCIS

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Snehal Contractor,Vice President Worldwide Systems, Stellar Cyber (TBC)

14:00pm to 14:45pm

Rise of the X Factor--How the "X" in Open XDR helps rapidly identify and respond quickly to ransomware

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Ravi Srinivasan, CEO, Votiro

14.45pm to 15.30pm

How to Deliver Safe Files to Your Employees at Scale ... proactively
Fireside Chat hosted by Donald Teo, ICION Advisor

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Hans Barré, Director of Sales Engineering APAC, Cycognito

15.30pm to 16:15pm

“Defining an intelligent approach to External Attack Surface Management for modern world threats.”

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Panel Session 1, Hall
Moderator: Kawin B, SCION Co-Founder

16.15pm to 17.15pm

Data Privacy & Regulations Landscape in SEA

Hall Session, Panel

Moderator - Kawin Bonyapredee, Co-Founder SCION

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