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XCION 9th Bali Workshop :
Technologies Shaping ASEAN Digital Economy

Getting Inspired with "Borders openings" everywhere, our chance of doing a Bali Hop after April is getting real. 
FOR INTERESTED SPONSORS ping in advance to +62818102085 to secured the limited sponsorship slots. Priority is given to our group of key sponsors in our April Virtual Conference

Welcome to XCION's 9th ANNUAL Hybrid CONFERENCE. Our team has worked hard on organizing an exciting schedule full of interesting lectures and engaging events. 
See our exciting physical workshop at Movenpick Resort, Bali for our 3 Days 2 Nights exciting program below

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Movenpick Bali 01.jpg

Schedule : 21st to 23rdSeptember 2022 
Location : Movenpick Resort, Jimbaran Bali

Join Us for this exciting Bali Workshop. Dates are locked to 21st to 23rd September 2022

We’re happy to share the full schedule for XCION 9th BALI Workshop
Check out the information below to see what’s planned and when each activity is taking place. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Free & Easy Arrivals and Networking Dinner One

3 PM, 21st September

Check in at 3 pm and meet at Resort Lobby for first Dinner out by 5,30 pm

Main Day - 4 Groups and Networking Dinner Two at 630 pm

9am to 530 pm, 22rd September

Four Break-out Groups and participants are divided into groups. Each session is to last for 50 mins and 10 mins early standby for switch over for presenters
There be two Track rooms and each room will host 2 groups. Presenters will swap Track Rooms and have chance to present to all the 4 participants groups
Sessions are to be designed depending on in demand trends of ICT technologies for 2022
Two Tea Breaks of 30 mins scheduled for both morning 1030 am and afternoon at 330pm

Day 2 - Half Day with lunch catered

830 am to 1145 am, 23rd September

The 4 groups remain in the same Track rooms 1 and 2. Four speakers on standby to present in each of the Track rooms. 
One tea break planned for participants to visit the Table Tops in the Foyer area
Close off of show at max of 11,45 am
Lunch planned for 1230 pm to max 2pm
One bus on standby for guests to return to the airport at 2,15pm and 330pm

If you’d like to learn more about our schedule, simply contact us below :

Day 1 Movenpick.jpeg

Day 1 (One) Sponsors

Thanks to our key Sponsors on Day One

Day 2 speaking sponsors final.jpeg

Day 2 (Two) Sponsors

Thanks to our Day Two Sponsors

with venue shown_edited.jpg

Sponsors contact us :

Ping to +62 818102085

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