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Innovate, Transform and Secure your Digital Organization

Dates : 23nd to 25th of August
Place: Five-star Resort in Penang (TBC)

This will be the first MCION localized conference and supported by the same supporting organizations from our successful March 2023 XCION 10th conference in Bali at Sheraton Kuta.

Innovate, Transform and Secure your Digital Organization

The conference will be a 1,5 days content program with two arranged dinners.

The welcome gala dinner for VIPs, a exclusive by invite dinner will be held on the 23rd August, the arrival day.

The second night working dinner will be on the 24th August on the main day of the show.

On 25th of August, we plan to be spilt into 2 Tracks with the segments

              Track 1:  Securing your digital Journey and Cloud Assets

              Track 2:  Innovative Technologies for Enterprises

A total of 3 panel sessions are being designed with one on the 24th of August and the other 2 on the 25th of August.

Each panel session will have a moderator and 3 panelists.

To involve the community more actively we are also planning the following:

Three additional fire-side chat sessions each with 2 participants and a host (30 mins type session)

Pictures from our just concluded XCION 10TH Conference, Sheraton Kuta, Bali

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-14 at 16.00.32.jpeg
Image 2023-03-02 at 15.29.50.jpeg

Supporting Organizations

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