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IT Supply Chains Attacks, Risk Score and Third Party Risk Management - Workshop with Panorays

Rsvp via our team of Selvi/Ayu/Resya/Fina on the 15th of August,2023

Curious about what Panorays automated risk management platform can do for you ?

Find out in our 1 hour session at Cyber2 Tower, Rasuna Said and chill out with ICION from 530 pm onwards at Costess Bar


330 pm - Register and Network

4pm - Presentation on IT Supply Chain Attacks, Risk Scoring and Panorays auotmated risk mgt platform

5pm - Questions and Answers

530 pm - prepare to move across to Costess Bar on same floor at 17th floor

Chill out network/share/learn

End of Gathering at 730 pm

Rsvp via +62 818 102085 or via our all gals team of Resya/Fina/Selvi/Ayu

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