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Shift Left with API Security Testing

The idea of shift left is simple, start your API security monitoring early in the CI/CD cycle.

But do you have a good tool to get going ?

Stop Vulnerabilities Before Production

Shrink the attack surface and prevent future attacks.

  • Reduce the risk of successful attacks in production, such as data leaks, manipulations, and more without any modifications to production infrastructure.

  • Remediate faster and lower remediation costs by 10x to 100x by finding and fixing issues earlier.

  • Improve compliance and avoid regulatory fines and reputational damage from incidents.

With Noname latest addition to their new generation API cybersecurity platform both the visibility and the shift left concept become a easy reality

And this our quote to go along with the module launch, congratulations to Noname Security for continuing to innovate :

“Incredible technology! I've worked with a lot of technology vendors , but none as impressive as Noname API Security where it solves alot of enterprises' pain point of getting visibility on their API environment. Noname APAC team is world class, their speed to market is commendable. Barely just a few months into Asia, Noname is already so famous amongst the circle of CIOs. Active Testing is non-negotiable for any company that cares about their APIs. Noname Security is a brand that our Indonesian CIO Network (ICION) community trusts.

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