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Today Rooftop Henshin/Westin Jakarta ICION gather at 4pm

The last of our rooftop gather for year 2022

- learn from Votiro their unique CDR technology that ensure that your files upload or download via email/web are 100% malware free. Make the hackers cry

- Learn share and network the #ICION way we are the oldest CXO community in Indonesia with a membership close to 3,000

- Come and chill out at 6pm on the tallest rooftop bar in Jakarta. Time of the year to say hallo to all our old friends and community.

Henshin Rooftop Bar - Picture 1

Henshin Rooftop picture 2 - Rsvp via our team of Oliv/Fina/Audi or just ping to 0818102085

Also gearing up for our next massive 10th Bali CXO conference for March 2023, day 01st to 03rd of march, follow the news via

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