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9th XCION Group

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Hendry Emma
Hendry Emma

Consider using a lubricant designed specifically for silicone sex dolls to ensure smooth and pleasurable interaction. In addition, the heating device can make the doll's skin feel more realistic.

Try different sex positions to find what feels best. Silicone sex dolls are flexible and can be positioned in a variety of ways, allowing you to fully explore your fantasies. Use pillows, furniture, or a special stand to support the doll in different positions. This helps you stay in the desired position comfortably and safely. Interact with your doll just like you would with a real partner. Eye contact, gentle touch, and verbal interaction can make the experience more immersive and emotionally satisfying. Incorporate role-playing scenarios to add an element of excitement and variety. Dress your doll in different outfits or create specific environments to enhance your fun. If possible, you can regularly change your doll to a different sex doll torso to satisfy your sense of freshness!


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